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4th September 2017

New vacuum cleaner ecodesign standards in the bag

Vacuum cleaner technology continues to develop, with new models demonstrating high performance whilst using less power and with lower noise.

New ecodesign regulations for vacuums have come in from 1st September 2017 - across Europe, improving vacuum cleaner efficiency can save as much as 19 TWh annually - this is around the annual residential electricity consumption of Belgium.

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15th August 2017

New Energy Labelling Regulation in force

The New Energy Labelling Regulation has officially entered into force. The regulation was published on July 28th in the EU Official journal. 

Labels will not include the “+” anymore and return to an A to G scale with a defined rescale trigger mechanism, helping to improve the effectiveness of the label.

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4th August 2017

LED lighting listings updated


New listings of LED GLS, Filament and Spots are available, with running costs and links to our partner retailers. Is it time for an upgrade?

You can find the latest listings here. Also see our product guide for information on choosing the right lumen value and colour temperature. 

17th May 2017

Dishwashers put through their paces by Topten

Which of the programmes on your dishwasher is the most energy hungry? Can dishwashers recognise when they are on test and adapt their performance accordingly? How much energy is wasted when the machine is only half full?  

All of these questions and more are asked and answered in our new report here.  


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