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17th May 2017

Dishwashers put through their paces by Topten

Which of the programmes on your dishwasher is the most energy hungry? Can dishwashers recognise when they are on test and adapt their performance accordingly? How much energy is wasted when the machine is only half full?  

All of these questions and more are asked and answered in our new report here.  

30th March 2017

New Market Monitoring Report on White Goods

Topten has a new report looking at energy-efficiency and price trends of white goods - how much effect has Ecodesign had on reducing energy use and improving appliance innovation?

You can download the report here and a summary here.


 9th January 2017

Professional refrigeration now featured on Topten UK

Energy costs from refrigeration can be significant for catering businesses - Ecodesign and Energy Labelling regulations came in for professional storage refrigerators and freezers in July 2016 to drive innovation and savings.

Topten UK now has listings of the most energy efficient models on the market together with estimated running costs, as well as a new product guide.

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