LED lighting listings updated

  • By Stewart Muir
  • Published a year ago

New listings of LED GLS, Filament and Spots are available, with running costs and links to our partner retailers. Is it time for an upgrade?

Click on the menu bar above to see the latest listings. Also see our product guide for information on choosing the right lumen value and colour temperature.

Featured Products

  • Integral 3.5W Frosted LED candle
    Integral 3.5W Frosted LED candle
    • Energy rating: A+
    • Equivalent watts: 25W
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 3.5
    • Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 71.4
    • Power (W): 3.5
  • Liebherr ICBP3266
    Liebherr ICBP3266
    • Energy rating: A+++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 162
  • Bosch GCM28AW30G
    Bosch GCM28AW30G
    • Energy rating: A++
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 218
    • Energy efficiency index: 23.7361
  • Philips LED Filament Bulb (Dimmable)
    Philips LED Filament Bulb (Dimmable)
    • Energy rating: A+
    • Equivalent watts: 40W
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 5
    • Luminous efficacy (lm/W): 94
    • Power (W): 5
  • Baumatic BOFM604W
    Baumatic BOFM604W
    • Energy rating: A+
    • Annual energy consumption (kWh/year): 91.8
    • Energy efficiency index: 81
    • Energy consumption per cycle (kWh, convection heating): 0.87
    • Energy consumption per cycle (kWh, fan heating): 0.66