Energy efficiency of white goods in Europe: the latest trends

  • By Victor Gonzalez
  • Published 7 years ago

Topten EU, 3rd June 2015

Report shows increase in market share for higher energy classes

Ecodesign continues to forge ahead in Europe, but in many cases this remains under the radar. In fact, it often seems that ecodesign only gets its moment in the spotlight when consumers and media are getting nervous about vacuum cleaners and light bulbs, with the emphasis often on the reduction in power rather than the improvement in technology.

Here at Topten, we continue to check the detail behind the data to assess how things are improving and how ecodesign policy continues to deliver steady energy savings and economic benefit. This analysis is vital to effective implementation of energy labelling policy, as the share of appliances occupying the top label classes continues to increase. This is reflected in the Commission's announcement last week on revision of the label classes.

So what is feeding into this? Topten's latest report breaks down the key trends for different appliances, and the effect of the large scale energy savings delivered. Our report has found:

  • A tripling of the EU market share of A++ refrigerators and the average appliance's consumption down 12% since the new labelling regulations of 2010
  • Washing machines of A+++ class are now approaching half the EU market, with this share doubled in the last two years
  • Heat pump tumble dryers (A class and above) accounted for 42% of EU dryer sales in 2014

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