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Why now is the time to make water matter in the home | HACKS

To celebrate World Water Day, we asked Unified Water Label Association managing director Yvonne Orgill to explain why now is the time to make water matter in the home....more...

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  • Published 4 months ago

Tips for lowering your energy usage over the festive period | HACKS

A list of energy saving tips to help lower your bills over the festive season. ...more...

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Fuel Poverty Awareness Day - 3rd December

Helping you to keep warm this winter Rising energy prices, benefit cuts and the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic...more...

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Energy efficiency of white goods in Europe: the latest trends

Topten EU, 3rd June 2015Report shows increase in market share for higher energy classesEcodesign continues to forge ahead in Europe,...more...

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Top10 featured in the Guardian's Live Better Challenge

The Guardian's Live Better Challenge is a series of seven monthly calls to action to live in a better and...more...

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Love your light bulbs

14 February 2014As the old saying goes, “nothing says I Love You like an energy-saving light bulb”.Okay, that may be...more...